Smile And The World Smiles Back

I love the saying, “Smile and the world smiles back”. I try to practice smiling as often as I can. If a child looks up at me from the grocery cart, I smile and they smile back. If someone needs some help with something, I smile at them before I lend a helping hand. If you are at a luau show in Hawaii, you can tell which hula dancers are the best, they are the ones smiling! That little secret applies to everything. If you enjoy what you are doing, sports, hobbies, cooking, etc., you are going to be good at it. That principle also applies to being photographed at your wedding. Sarah and Steve were such a fun couple. You can just tell from these photos how much fun we were having. Hawaii is a fun place to get married. The people have a great sense of humor and the island culture is laid back. If I had to give only one piece of advice for a couple coming to Hawaii to get married, I would tell you to start smiling right now and never stop!

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