What is an aloha kiss island wedding?

What makes our weddings so different and unique? Quite often, after the ceremony, I hear the comment, “that was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen!” There really is something different about the style, the character, and the atmosphere of the island wedding.

The aloha kiss island wedding is relaxed.

If I sense that the ceremony is rushed, it just doesn’t fit with the island rhythm. Let’s take time to soak up the gentle splashing of the waves and the rich beauty of the sunset. For me as a minister, it takes time to set the stage and develop the ceremony in such a way that when you finally kiss, you really feel like you are married.

The aloha kiss island wedding is beautiful.

I have seen many beautiful weddings; exquisite gowns, elaborate flower arrangements, string quartets, and all the amenities with no expense spared. As much as I enjoy the beauty of those things, do you know what is beautiful to me? You are beautiful! There is something incredibly beautiful about the bride and groom: their story, their love, their sensitivity, their joy, their potential, and all the other wonderful aspects that cause a couple to be radiant at their wedding. Hawaii is one of the few places that offers scenery beautiful enough to provide the appropriate backdrop fitting for weddings.

The aloha kiss island wedding is personal

The ceremony should be what you want. So often couples ask me, how are we supposed to do it? My answer is, do it the way that feels right to you! This is Hawaii. However they do it other places, we don’t do it that way here! If you are a formal type couple, let me know so I can dress accordingly. If you are a shorts, sandals, and bright aloha shirt kind of couple, I’ve got just the thing to wear to your wedding. Keep in mind that outdoor weddings aren’t as stiff as a wedding in a cathedral.

The aloha kiss island wedding is spiritual

When we laugh together, cry together, pray together, and somehow experience the depth of human joy during a wedding ceremony, it reminds us why marriage is such a unique celebration. There are three great defining moments in life: birth, marriage, and death. In two out of the three, we have no choice. Marriage is the culmination of so much of who we are. May we lift our hearts toward heaven and overflow with the love of our Creator and Redeemer!

The aloha kiss island wedding is simple.

I have participated in quite an array of wedding types. It is possible to put together any style of wedding which you envision. I have performed weddings with over a hundred guests who have flown in from around the world. I have performed ceremonies that were very elegant; some ceremonies have been very detailed. Admittedly, a few got complicated. I think for many people, the appeal of the island wedding is that they can keep it simple. That is the Aloha K.I.S.S. acronym – Keep It Sweet and Simple.

Here are some ideas you might want to incorporate into your aloha kiss wedding ceremony.

  • Leis – The lei exchange is one of my favorite parts of the ceremony.
  • Make it fun. Go barefoot. I have done ceremonies where everyone is in tuxes and barefoot. Some couples enjoy having their feet in the water.
  • Make a giant heart out of flower petals and stand in the center for the ceremony.

Our site has many photos and stories of how couples put together a ceremony that was relaxed, beautiful, personal, spiritual and simple. I have prayed with many brides as they were planning their island wedding. Don’t worry, we can do it!