Hawaii is known for being user friendly when it comes to weddings. In order to get married in Hawaii, you are required to have a marriage license issued by the state of Hawaii. The application for the license can be found at After completing the license application you must make an appointment to meet with a Marriage License Agent at the governor’s office in Kona 808-327-4953. The license is good for one month from the date of issue. You must present the license at the ceremony.

The fee for the license is around $65.00. Both the bride and the groom are required to present a photo ID at the license appointment. If you are 18 or younger, or have been recently divorced, other documents are required.

I mail the license to the Department of Health. When you apply for the license, you should be issued a request for a copy of the license. It may take as much as 90 days from the time the State receives the marriage license until the time that they send you a copy. For a fee, the state will expedite your request.

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