997. “You did a wonderful ceremony, thank you for helping us make this special day happen!” – Jose and Tania from Kailua-Kona, HI – 12/19/4 – 4 guests at Wawaloli Beach Park for a 20th anniversary renewal of vows (My wife is Cuban, Jose and Tania are Cuban. There aren’t a lot of Cubans here so this was a lot of fun to end a great year by celebrating with them)

996. “Thank you” – Casey and Priscilla from Saint Augustine, FL – 12/29/4 – 2 guests at Kona’s Old Airport Beach Park

995. “Thank you so much – it was just great” – Garrett and Sandra from Overland Park, KS – 12/22/4 – 5th anniversary renewal of vows at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel

994. “That was a lovely, lovely ceremony” – Kevin and Lindsey from Klamath Falls, OR – 12/17/4 – 25 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel

993. “Inspiring – thank you so much for conducting the service” – Matt and Dawn from Exeter, NH – 12/4/4 – 20 guests at Coconut Grove at the Fairmont Orchid

992. “Thank you” – Craig and Ana Lee from Waikoloa, HI – 11/26/4 – 10 guests at Turtle Point at the Fairmont Orchid

991. “It was perfect. You are really good at this. You touched us both” – Scott and Gael from Derwood, MD – 11/23/4 – their two children were the guests for their 20th anniversary renewal of vows at Coconut Grove at the Fairmont Orchid (Scott and Gael met in Switzerland, they both have traveled to some 70 countries. Where did they choose to do something as significant as celebrate 20 years of marriage? The west side of the Big Island always wows romantics in ways that words can’t express)

990. “Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony. We were truly blessed to have someone as special as you to be the center of our ceremony. You did such a wonderful job with not only the actual ceremony, but also making sure the sequence/order of it was perfect during the rehearsal. Your insights and guidance with the words of the ceremony were very enlightening and touched our hearts. We received many compliments on how wonderful our ceremony was. Without you, our special day would not have been possible! Thanks again! Love always” – Aaron and Desiree from Greenfield, CA – 11/20/4 – 40 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel (Everyone loves the Hilton’s wedding chapel. It is very versatile. This wedding had 7 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen and we still had room to fit 2 photographers!)

989. “Thank you very much – that was brilliant – lovely ceremony” – Andy and Dill from Croydon, England – 11/19/4 – the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel (Andy had seen a copy of the written ceremony before the wedding. He was concerned about the wording. I convinced him to just let it flow. They were both very happy with the way the ceremony turned out. For some odd reason, the way the ceremony comes across on paper and the way it comes across live are different)

988. “Thanks for marrying us – and for all the help before it all – We will never forget this beautiful day” – Steve and Connie form Gilbert, AZ – 11/16/4 – Anaeho’omalu Bay (Steve is a commercial airline pilot and Connie coordinates events for groups. These two travel a lot more than most people. Where did they want to celebrate the most romantic moment of their life? People who know, get married in West Hawaii)

987.  “I have to tell you the words were spectacular. We recommend you to everyone” – Thomas and Tanya from Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada – 11/12/4 – 30 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel (Thomas is a chef. Four of the chefs from the Hilton came out to the ceremony and lifted long cooking utensils for the couple to walk through as they showered them with rice)

986. “That was great – thank you very much” – Paul and Frances from Perkasie, PA – 11/7/4 – 6 guests for the 10th anniversary ROV at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel

985. “Great – awesome – thank you so much” – Garret and Rachel from Marysville, WA – 11/6/4 – the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel

984. “Thank you that was a wonderful service” – Gary and Elle from Papillion, NE – 11/2/4 – 6 guests at the Four Seasons Hualalai Palm Grove (This couple are both career military. Gary had volunteered to go to Afghanistan and in a few months he will be shipping out to Iraq. As I stood in front of them, I was proud to be an American. Gary was wearing his dress whites with all his ribbons. I had rushed to go vote on my way to the wedding. I was so glad I did, as I considered the sacrifices that so many Americans make so that we have the freedom to vote)

983. “Thank you so much” – Darrel and Anne from Long Beach, CA – 11/1/4 – the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel (We all had a good laugh trying to tie Darrel’s bow tie. Unless you know what you are doing, I suggest you get the clip on kind 🙂

982. “Thank you – it was so good getting to know you. We will always cherish the memories of our wedding with you” – Mauro and Bettina from San Francisco, CA – 10/30/4 – 50 guests – (Mauro and Bettina had their names written in the lava rock at the entrance to the hotel. You guys are great!)

981. “Thank you very much. We have to come back and renew our vows!” – Arty and Martha from Palisades Park, NJ – 10/24/4 – the Four Seasons Hualalai Palm Grove (At the last minute I found out that Martha spoke Spanish, so I was able to personalize the ceremony by having her repeat in Spanish)

980. “Thank you” – Shawn and Janette from Waipahu, HI – 10/23/4 – 30 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Village gazebo (Everyone worries about the weather at out door weddings. It was raining as I drove to the hotel, but the weather at the wedding couldn’t have been more perfect)

979. “We’re so glad we found you. Thank you so much” – Scott and Sharon from Piedmont, CA – 10/21/4 – 10 guests at the Four Seasons Hualalai Wedding Tree (This couple wanted to include their children in the ceremony. Each of the children found a Scripture and shared their Scripture, it was very effective)

978. “Thank you so much, that was a wonderful ceremony” – David and Martine from Encinitas, CA – 10/19/4 – the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel

977. “That was so beautiful” – Barry and June from Henderson, NV – 10/18/4 – 2 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel (Barry has a dream job that allows him to travel all over the world. When it came time to get married, he chose the Big Island. This place is truly something special)

976. “Thank you so much – it was a lovely ceremony” – Tom and Debra from Greenlawn, NY – 10/14/4 – the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel

975. “Thank you” – Scott and Michele from Fulong, PA – 10/7/4 – 15th anniversary ROV at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel (Scott and Michele were married at 3:00 PM 10/7/89. Scott set up a surprise renewal of vows for Michele at 3:00 PM, exactly 15 years after their wedding! The idea came from his boss who had done the same thing for his wife on July 11. Thanks for the referral Dan and Fran!)

974. “Thank you so much. The ceremony was beautiful” – Gregg and Jillian from Fair Oaks, CA – 10/3/4 – 20 guests at Coconut Grove at the Fairmont Orchid – (I received a lot of positive feedback from this group. It really is gratifying to be with families on such a special occasion).

973. “I can’t thank you enough. It was such a beautiful ceremony. Everything that you said is just what needs to be said” – Bob and Rene from Kailua-Kona, HI – 10/2/4 – 30 guests at Hapuna Beach (A pathway was smoothed all the way down the beach for the bride to walk. The couple stood in a heart that had been dug out of the sand. It was beautiful. Rene cuts my hair, so it was good fun to get to be with her at her wedding. We had a great cook out party reception.)

972. “We’re glad you did our wedding” – Terry and Karen from Kailua, HI – 9/26/4 – 2 guests at the wedding chapel at the Hilton Waikoloa Village (We all went to dinner at Kamuela Provision Company after the wedding. It turns out the best man is a well-known surfboard designer. My daughter owns one of his surfboards! Such a small world)

971. “Thank you so much. Your words were so moving. I think it was the most wonderful thing I’ve heard” – Tad and Charisse from Lafayette, CA – 9/24/4 – 10 guests at the Palace Lawn at the Hilton Waikoloa Village

970. “Thank you” – Randy and Sharon from Caledonia, IL – 9/22/4 – 20th anniversary renewal of vows the Hilton Waikoloa Village Palace Lawn

969. “We loved the ceremony. Thank you so much. It exceeded our expectations” – Tim and Anita from Fairview, TN – 9/21/4 – the Hilton Waikoloa Village Wedding Chapel (As Anita was signing the marriage license, I noticed she was born in a small coal mining community in West Virginia where my grandfather had been a pastor – small world!)

968. “That was great – beautiful ceremony – thank you” – Roman and Ruth from Topeka, KS – 9/18/4 – South lawn at Keauhou Beach Hotel

967. “I cried” – Jeff and Hayley from Spokane, WA – 9/16/4 – the Four Seasons Hualalai Wedding Tree

966. “Thank you for making our dreams come true” – Dick and Sally from Sherman Oaks, CA – 8/30/4 – Turtle Point at the Fairmont Orchid

965. “Thank you” – Shawn and Kelly from Channel Island, CA – 8/22/4 – 10 guests at Palm Grove at the Four Seasons Hualalai for the tenth anniversary renewal of vows ceremony

964. “Thank you, you words were powerful. It was a divine wedding” – Daniel and Donna from Huntington Beach, CA – 7/24/4 – 6 guests at Coconut Grove at the Fairmont Orchid (Nicole, the wedding coordinator, told me that Donna came by the office and just started crying because she was so happy with how perfect the wedding was)

963. “Thank you for a great wedding” – Brett and Karen from Tracy, CA – 7/23/4 – 30 guests at Coconut Grove at the Fairmont Orchid (The couple chose this date because it was the tenth anniversary of the first time they met. They chose the Big Island because Karen’s dad had lived here years ago)

962. “Fun” – Lee and Kim from Colorado Springs, CO – 7/17/4 – the Four Seasons Hualalai Wedding Tree (Lee couldn’t take his eyes off Kim – always stay in love you guys)

961. “This was special. Our first wedding was a double wedding, this feels like our wedding” – Bob and Maria from Chandler, AZ – 7/13/4 – 10 guests at Anaeho’omalu Bay for a renewal of vows ceremony (This meant a lot to me. Maria is my wife’s sister. I feel very close to them. My wife and I were married January 2, 1883. My wife’s brother Ralph, and her sister Maria were married January 9, 1983 in a double wedding. Our wedding and their double wedding were both great weddings, but it was a lot in one week. I understand what Maria was feeling that she finally had her own wedding. I was so thankful that I was part of the first wedding and that I had the privilege of being a part of the renewal of vows. You guys are very special to us. We had the time of our lives hiking in to see the lava and showing you all the sights this week. We love you…)

960. “Josh and I want to express our heartfelt thanks to you for making our wedding day so special. The ceremony was so wonderful and we appreciate the notes that you sent us. I believe there may be times that we will want (and may need) to look back at these notes with our vows and understand more fully the significance of the loving, intimate commitment we made that day. Thank you for everything. Best wishes” – Josh and Gayla from West Lafayette, IN – 7/12/4 – 10 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel (The bride’s uncle is a minister in the same denomination as me. We were so excited that God had put us together. As we shared we knew many of the same people)

959. “Perfect” – Dan and Fran from Trumbull, CT – 7/11/4 – 6 guests for this 25th anniversary surprise renewal of vows at the Hilton Waikoloa Palace Lawn (Wow, this was a tear jerker. Dan had set this up without Fran or the children knowing. They came walking up as a group and there were the musicians playing and Fran just started crying. Dan still had the original vows that they had used for their wedding 25 years earlier. As Dan was repeating those vows after me, Fran realized what he was saying and she just melted. These surprise ROV ceremonies are always very special!)

958. “Thank you for being part of our special day helping us make it such a memorable and spiritual event! Mahalo!” – Jeff and Jaime from Clifton Park, NY – 7/10/4 – 20 guests at Turtle Point at the Fairmont Orchid (As the couple walked down the aisle for the recessional, everyone turned their view on the sun setting over the ocean to see a wonderful rainbow on the mountain. Another wonderful aloha kiss moment J

957. “Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony – already a week ago now! It was beautifully done – with a nice Hawaiian touch. I hope you could tell how much we enjoyed it. I’ll be eager to hear the comments again once we receive our video. Mahalo!” – Steve and Laura from Marietta, GA – 7/6/4 – 2 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel

956. “Thank you very much, that was beautiful” – Garry and Brenda from Grain Valley, MO – 7/5/4 – 4 guests at Aio’pio Beach at Kaloko National Park

955. “You did a really good job. It was very meaningful” – Dan and Lauren from Taylor, TX – 7/1/4 – 26 guests the Hilton Waikoloa Palace Lawn (Lauren met Dan when she was in junior high school! It was a great group of people who came to support them and a great wedding)

954. “Beautiful words – you are special” – Don and Robin from Los Altos, CA – 6/26/4 – The Presidential Suite lanai at the Fairmont Orchid (This is such an unusual story. I was standing in line at the Honolulu airport. My wife and I were flying back to Kona so that we could do this wedding. This lady walks up to me in line and just starts talking. We are having a wonderful conversation. She had just flown in from Korea. She was supposed to be on the previous flight to Kona. She says I’m getting married tonight. I ask where. When she says the Orchid, I almost say something trite, “Oh I do weddings at the Orchid.” My wife elbows me and says, “You are doing her wedding.” I just about jumped out of my skin. The probability of that happening is beyond me. It was just one of those little moments when God reminds you of how wonderful life is. Robin and Don wanted to get married on this date because they had met exactly 18 years ago.)

953. “Thank you” – Henry and Jade form Kamuela, HI – 6/19/4 – 80 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Grand Staircase – (This was very special for me for several reasons. It was the first wedding I have ever performed at the Grand Staircase. Jade’s grandmother comes to our church. I have performed her aunt Ulu’s wedding in 1983, her aunt Ann’s wedding in 1986 and her cousin Natalie’s wedding in 1999! There were 12 groomsmen and 12 bridesmaids – the biggest wedding party of any wedding I have ever done. The colors were red and white. Visually it was very stunning.)

942. “Thank you” – Mike and Lonna from Burbank, CA – 6/15/4 – 20 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel – (Everyone rode the wedding boat to the Kamuela Provision Company where we enjoyed a wonderful reception – great fun!)

951. “Great ceremony” – Chris and Cassandra from Seattle, WA – 6/5/4 – 10 guests at Coconut Grove at the Fairmont Orchid (The rehearsal dinner was at the luau at the Hilton. We had great fun with all the family)

950. “Thank you” – George and Yuko form San Jose, CA – 5/30/4 – 15 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel

949. “That was really nice” – Bryan and Beth from Boise, Idaho – 5/28/4 – 6 guests at the Old Airport Beach Park – (Beth had grown up on the Big Island. It was special for her to get to come back for her wedding)

948. “Thank you for a wonderful ceremony” – Dennis and Dawn from La Grande, OR – 5/24/4 – Surprise renewal of vows at the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel (Dennis and Dawn have a special tradition. Every other year they take turns surprising the other one on their anniversary. This year was Dawn’s turn. She had seen the chapel 4years ago while at a convention with her company. She laid out a tux from Dennis and gave her daughter instructions to bring Daddy to the chapel and don’t answer any of his questions. After she gave Dennis a new wedding ring they danced tearfully in the chapel. Not only is a surprise 10 year renewal of vows significant for a couple, I sensed that their daughter was very moved by mommy and daddy’s love for each other)

(5/23/4 – I had a special surprise during the Sunday morning service. Sean and Carrie who had been married at the Orchid 5/11/02 visited church. Carrie is pregnant! Congratulations guys. And Bill and Lynn who renewed their vows last year 4/1/3 at Living Stones. These two couples were visiting Kona and they both visited the church on the same Sunday morning. It really meant a lot to me to get to see you. I hope you will come back!)

947. “Great job” – Brad and I will remember this forever”- Brad and Sue from Huntington Beach, CA – 5/22/4 – 15 guests at St. Peter’s By the Sea (Brad had been snorkeling right out in front of the church over twenty years ago, he looked up, saw the church and said to himself, that is where I will be married)

946. “What you said reminded us of our original wedding, thank you” – Tim and Rachel from Pendleton, IN – 5/12/4 – renewal of vows at King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel

945. “Thank you. You did a good job” – Marcus and Marilyn from Kahalui, Maui – 4/24/4 – Hilton Waikoloa Village Knoll (About 50% of the weddings done in Hawaii are done in Maui. So where do the people who live in Maui go to get married? The Kona side of the Big Island is a favorite spot for people who are in the know.)

944. “That was very nice. Thank you for your words” – Jeff and Pam from Walnut Creek, CA – 4/10/4 – 3 guests for a surprise renewal of vows at the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel (Pam was so shocked as she realized what Jeff had pulled off. When they arrived at the wedding chapel, Jeff asked his two daughters, “What is the surprise we have for Mommy?” They answered, “Daddy is going to marry Mommy!” How fun)

943. “It was beautiful” – Bobby and Wendy from Big Lake, MN – 4/4/4 – 20 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Palace Lawn (Bobby chose the date 4/4/4 because it was their fourth anniversary as a couple!)

942. “Thank you. We had a great time. It was a fabulous, wonderful ceremony” – Steve and Sheri from Fallbrook, CA – 4/3/4 – 15 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel

941. “The setting – your words – it was wonderful” – Deilert and Aracelly from Silver Springs, MD – 3/27/4 – 2 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel

940. “Thank you – excellent job – beautiful ceremony” – Bill and Donna from Anchorage, AK – 3/20/4 – 10 guests at St. Peter’s By the Sea (I used to love back packing through Joyce Kilmer National Forest in North Carolina. In talking with Donna, I found out she used to back pack there also. I’m always amazed at how we are all connected)

939. “Thank you” – Pat and Sarah from Palo Alto, CA – 3/13/4 – 4 guests at Palm Grove at the Four Seasons Hualalai

938. “Nice ceremony” – Chip and Megan from Lancaster, OH – 3/11/4 – 20 guests at the Coconut Grove at the Fairmont Orchid

937. “Thank you” – Michael and Beata from Colonia, NJ – 3/6/4 – the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel

936. “The only thing I can say is wonderful! Alfie and I were extremely happy that you accommodated us for our renewal of vows ceremony on very short notice. We enjoyed Canute and Erin’s wedding ceremony so much that we felt compelled to renew our own vows. Our ceremony was refreshing, yet touching. Alfie and I felt God’s presence in the midst, and came away feeling much happier and blessed. We felt your sincerity and love during the ceremony on the beach. Alfie and I will pledge to send a monthly donation to your church to help in some way. It will be our way of saying, “Thanks Forever”, for a wonderful renewal of vows ceremony that will be forever engraved in our hearts. Once again, thank you so very much.” – Alfie and Hyacinth from Alta Loma, CA – 2/29/4 – 25th renewal of vows – 7 guests at Anaeho’omalu Bay (Alfie and Hyacinth had come over for the wedding I performed for Canute and Erin, they liked it to much they wanted their own special Aloha Kiss ROV ceremony!)

935. “Thank you for performing our wedding” – Canute and Erin from Monmouth Junction, NJ – 2/28/4 – 10 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel (A terrible storm had been battering the islands for days before this wedding. High winds had knocked trees down, high surf had sunk boats and done other damage, lightning had caused flights to be grounded. Everyone had been very concerned that the weather was going to put a damper on the celebration. Right when I began the ceremony, the clouds parted and the sun began to shine. It was a double treat because the storm had covered the mountains with snow. We give thanks to the Lord for his blessings!)

934. “Thank you again for making our wedding an unbelievable experience. You exceeded our expectations, especially since we had not met you before the ceremony. The special words and customs that you shared with us will be with us forever as a happy and special memory. I have enclosed a picture of us. Again, thank you” – David and Georgi from Beverly Hills, CA – 2/14/4 – Coconut Grove at the Fairmont Orchid (The bride and groom walked down lahaula mats to a maile lei in the shape of a heart. The lei was filled with rose petals. It was all set up between two tiki torches on the beach. What a romantic Valentine’s Aloha Kiss wedding!)

933. “Very nice words. It was great” – Glen and Ronde from Lockbourne, OH – 2/14/4 – 10 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Palace Lawn (The bride had a lei po’o – head lei – of white and yellow spring flowers that went perfect with the bare foot wedding)

932. “You made me cry. Thank you so much. That was wonderful!’ – Kevin and Gretchen from Thousand Oaks, CA – 2/7/4 – 40 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Palace Lawn.

931. “Thanks” – Dindo and Ana from Kealakekua, HI – 2/3/4 – 30 guests at the old Airport Beach (The reception was a great local style luau with hundreds of people and wonderful local food)

930. “Thank you it was such a nice ceremony” – Buck and Kresta from Kailua-Kona, HI – 1/20/4 – 25 guests on the lawn at Living Stones Church

929. “My wife Vanda and I would like to thank you again for a beautiful wedding ceremony. It was truly a wonderful day that Vanda and I will always treasure. Thank you for being part of our special day.” – Steve and Vanda from Springfield, PA – 1/8/4 – the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel (When Wanda gave Steve his lei and his aloha kiss, I knew she had the aloha spirit. What a wonderful wedding)

928. “I wanted to let you know how much Michael and I enjoyed our wedding. We are so happy we found you and you were able to perform the ceremony. We received our wedding video and it reminded us of how special our wedding was and how personal you made it. Thanks for sending us a copy of our vows. Thanks again for everything!” – Michael and Tabitha from Houston, TX -1/3/4 – 10 guests at the Hilton Waikoloa Wedding Chapel (This was a great first wedding to begin the new year. It was such a lovely family. I enjoyed meeting each one. The bride’s father attends a church that is the same denomination that I am. On the way to this wedding, I saw more rainbows than I have ever seen going to a wedding. I took it as a sign that 2004 is going to be a great year with many wonderful weddings!)

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